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Fluff Pulp

FLUFF pulp
International fiber is one of the biggest fluff pulp agent in the market, we supply prime rolls to more than 50 factories in Egypt, Lebanon, Algeria, Tanzania, and Sudan.

more than 90% of the fluff pulps are fully bleached chemical softwood pulps, of which more than 90% are kraft pulps. The most common raw material source for fluff pulps are southern bleached softwood kraft (SBSK) from loblolly pine. SBSK from other species and NBSK are also used to make fluff pulp.[4] Thicker fibres are preferred to improve the bulk. Fluff pulp is normally made rolls (reels) on a drying machine (a simplified Fourdrinier machine). The objective of the drying/sheeting operation is to produce a uniform sheet (paper density, moisture, and strength) to the converting operation. The pulp may be impregnated with debonders before drying to ease defibration. The worldwide production of fluff pulps amounts to about 3.5 million tons.